Monday, January 27, 2014

Classic car garage, @Speed Garage, Thailand

Originally posted on on Jan 11, 2013

Initially I built this to keep all my cars.
But now it is more than just a car garage. It is like my home.
I can come here and just relax.
I keep all my spare parts, wheels, and cars here.
They are sort of like my children.
My friends can come here and we can all relax together and share a passion for cars.
My name is _____ ______.
My nickname is A. I am 47 years old.

Actually I started driving when I was 8 years old.
My father taught me how to drive a little bit,
and then I stole his car for driving on the street when I was 8.
So I've been driving for 31 years already.

You know, driving a car always gives me pleasure and relaxation.
I like to control the cars.
Sometimes I also do very high speed.
And we, as a group of friends, we get together and start also to go into motor-sports.

I think the rarest car, especially the Japanese cars, is the Hakosuka.
With the Hakosuka in Thailand, there are only maybe four or five.
In the beginning, when they started selling Hakosuka in Japan,
maybe only four or five of them were imported to Thailand.
I think this is the most difficult car to find in Thailand.

I do love Japanese cars because my first car I got also a Japanese car.
And you see, I've been working with Japanese (cars) a long time.
So, I really like the way the Japanese thinking. You can see, yes?

I think restoring the old cars back to life is a kind of fun.
And also you have to put (in) a lot of effort, and also investment.
Especially with the car you love or prefer to have.
And when you've got it, you have to, I think, (give) it attention to the car.

I have to say (that) I love them all, the cars that I own.
I cannot say that I love this one more than the other
because you see the cars now, some of them took me four or five years to restore.
So I have to love them all equally.

And I still enjoy doing it.
And I have no intention to stop restoring the cars.
And maybe one day I (will) put them into a museum.

You see, cars can bring you into … friends … and also societies.
You see, we are getting together because of the cars.
So I think cars can be friendships also.