Monday, April 15, 2013

NEWS: Apps, Websites, Services & Resources for Students

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College life can be crazy… that’s why we’ve compiled a list of awesome tech tools for university students. Whether you are studying, socializing, finding food (our first three categories) or looking for a way to pay for tuition, we’ve got you covered. As usual, we’ve included plenty of brand new startups so there is a ton of fresh new content to explore. Isn’t it nice to have everything in one convenient, bookmarkable place? So, I thought I’d hook you up with some actually useful tech tools that will help you rock at everything from academics to relaxing. Game on!


  1. - Study, share, connect with your classmates.
  2. Quizlet – Study languages, vocabulary or almost anything (share with friends).
  3. iStidiez Pro – Sophisticated student planner for Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  4. Wolfram|Alpha – Enter what you want to calculate or know about.
  5. STUDYBLUE – Make online flashcards and notes. Study anywhere, anytime.
  6. Boundless – The free textbook replacement; high-quality, open-licensed content.
  7. Brightstorm – Quick homework help (math, science, test prep).
  8. Notesolution - Ace your exams with the best notes at your school.
  9. instaGrok – Understand concepts like gravity thoroughly and intuitively.
  10. Chegg – Expert help in all subjects, eTextbooks, course reviews and more.
  11. OpenStudy – Social learning network and global study group.
  12. Koofers - Free test bank, lecture notes, professor ratings and more.
  13. Desmos – A beautiful, free online graphic calculator.


  1. Path – Stay connected with family and close friends.
  2. Pair – An app just for couples.
  3. Meetup – Find a meetup group near you by topic or interest.
  4. Wendr - Discover what your friends are doing tonight.
  5. Flaunt - A social network for student professionals.
  6. Highlight – A fun way to learn more about people nearby.
  7. Ourspot – Rediscover relationships.
  8. Pearescope – Privately introduces you to nearby friends of friends.
  9. Banjo – Notifies you when any of your friends are near.
  10. Everyme – The private social network.
  11. Diaspora – A creative way to remix your world.
  12. Touch – Share and chat with your closest friends and family.


  1. Thryve - Start eating what makes you feel great.
  2. Evernote Food – Find and remember memorable food experiences on your iPhone.
  3. CookItFor.Us – Get the recipes you crave made.
  4. Feastie – Search top food blogs for the tastiest new recipes.

Stay Organized

  1. Evernote – Remember everything.
  2. Schooltraq – A smarter academic planner for a smarter you.
  3. Scheedule – The calendar reinvented for students.
  4. Workflowy – Organize your brain.
  5. inClass – The last school app you’ll ever need (schedule, notes and more).
  6. Springpad – Smart notebooks to organize and share whats important to you.
  7. Awesome Note - Combine notes and todos in one app (iPad and iPhone).
  8. Clear – Breathtakingly-simple todos for iPhone.
  9. Things – Comprehensive todo list for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  10. Wunderlist – Free and easy-to-use task manager.
  11. Any.DO – Award-winning reminder app that helps you do anything (iOS/Android).

Finance Your Education

  1. Campus Shift – Make money, save money, have fun!
  2. Alltuition – The college financial aid common application.
  3. ScholarPRO – Get matched with personalized scholarships; manage them online.
  4. SoFi – Connects students and alumni for community financing opportunities.
  5. Go Financial Aid – Advisors and consultants for FAFSA and CSS profile.
  6. BookRenter – Rent your textbooks, save a bundle.
  7. – Comprehensive directory of merit and academic scholarships.
  8. – Find scholarships while colleges recruit you.
  9. Learndipity – Scholarships + savings.

College Life

  1. SparkCollege – Blogs, admissions, college life and school reviews.
  2. Spill - Peer support network for empathy and encouragement.
  3. OOHLALA – Energize the student experience.
  4. Localmind - Know what’s happening around town, right now.
  5. – Makes living with roommates easy.
  6. HackCollege – Student-powered life-hacking. Work smarter, not harder.
  7. UniYu – Support network for students.
  8. JusCollege – Social experiences, local services and deals on goods.
  9. Sumpto – Free stuff for college students.
  10. UCampus – Better connect with your city and school.
  11. 99U – Insights for making ideas happen.
  12. Amazon Student - Exclusive deals for college students.
  13. Blog U – Inside higher ed.

Online Learning

  1. Khan Academy - Learn almost anything for free.
  2. Udemy - Online courses from the world’s top instructors.
  3. Coursera - The world’s best courses, online, for free.
  4. Udacity - Free online courses from world renowned university professors.
  5. Skillshare - A community marketplace for classes.
  6. TED-Ed - Lessons worth sharing.
  7. Sophia - Learn in your own way. Over 25,000 tutorials.
  8. Memrise - The free and fun way to learn anything.
  9. The Concord Consortium - Digital learning for science, math and engineering.
  10. General Assembly - A network of campuses for technology, business and design.


  1. Acceptly – College prep; see your chances of getting in.
  2. Inkling – Interactive books for iPad and the web.
  3. Kno – eTextbooks for iPad, Galaxy Note, Windows and the web.
  4. 30 Second MBA – Tips from business leaders.
  5. Fit Campus – Get fit, win prizes.
  6. Thoughtback - Program your mind, one thought at a time.
  7. Acceptional – Sample college admissions essays.