Monday, January 28, 2013

NEWS: Mongolia in the News - Jan 27

The Independent (UK) Jan 27
Wanders never cease: The nomadic life of Mongolia's Kazakh eagle-hunters

Amid the harsh splendour of Mongolia's arid plains, nomadic eagle hunters still follow a traditional way of life that has defied history, geography and political change. The photographer Christo Geoghegan offers an insight into their lives... (continued)

The New York Times (USA) Jan 26
In Sumo’s Birthplace, a Drought of Champions
On the first day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament last Sunday, fans here were hopeful that 2013 might bring change: an end to the protracted losing streak by Japanese wrestlers. But the only reminders anyone needed of that unlikelihood were the giant portraits of the winners of the last 32 Japanese tournaments that were hanging at Ryogoku Kokugikan arena. Not one of the winners was Japanese. Four Mongolians, an Estonian and a Bulgarian account for those victories, dating to 2007. (continued)

Bloomberg (USA) Jan 25
Mongolia Cuts Rates for First Time Since 2009 to Support Growth

Mongolia’s central bank cut interest rates for the first time since 2009 after determining that the outlook for inflation is benign and deciding to “cautiously” ease policy, its chief economist said. The Bank of Mongolia reduced its policy rate to 12.5 percent from the previous 13.25 percent effective yesterday, according to a table on the monetary authority’s website and confirmed by chief economist Sandagdorj Bold. The central bank is confident it will be able to achieve its 8 percent inflation target for this year, Bold said in a telephone interview. (continued)

The Wall Street Journal (USA) Jan 24
Mongolia to Cancel China Coal-Supply Contract, Delay IPO

Mongolia's government is planning to cancel a $250 million coal-supply deal with Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. that it deems to be undervalued, a move that may deepen distrust between the Mongolia and its neighbor. Meanwhile, the government is deferring an oft-postponed initial public offering for its state-owned Tavan Tolgoi coal project, a Mongolian government official said Thursday. (continued) (Australia) Jan 21
Buddhist Beats: on the road with Mongolian Bling

What do we know about Mongolia? It's cold. People are nomads and live in large, round tents called yurts. Also something about rare wild horses. And indeed, this is – more or less – how independent documentary Mongolian Bling starts: out on the steppe, with footage of a man on horseback lassoing another horse. But then we cut to a modern city – Ulaanbaatar – a wild contrast of grey, post-Soviet architecture interspersed with modern buildings and shops like anywhere else. Sure, a caption announces the outside temperature is minus 20-something Celsius, but the collection of young Mongolians we meet and get to know over the next 90 minutes only care about one thing: hip hop. (continued)

Herald Scotland (UK) Jan 21
Scottish Mission to Mongolia

SEVERAL Scottish businesses are embarking on a trade mission to Mongolia this week and will take part in celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the country and the UK. (continued)