Monday, January 14, 2013

NEWS: Mongolia in the News - Jan 14

The Wall Street Journal (USA) Jan 8
Japan, Mongolia Sign Emissions-Reduction Pact
Japan is making progress in its plan to bypass protracted United Nations-sponsored efforts to limit carbon emissions, signing its first bilateral carbon offset mechanism Tuesday. According to the agreement Japan signed with Mongolia in Ulan Bator, the mechanism is intended to complement the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, which last convened in Doha, Qatar, in December. (continued)

Anita Rich founded Nurses Heart to Heart, a nonprofit organization that teaches CPR and other nursing skills to people in developing countries. Rich shows off a blue robe, a wrestler’s hat and other items that she brought back from trips to Mongolia.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (USA) Jan 11
Nurse spreads knowledge across the globe

Some people use their vacation time to relax on the beach or see the sights at exotic locales. Cardiology nurse Anita Rich travels all over the world sharing her skills and serving others. “I love adventure and I’ll go anywhere. I was an Army brat growing up,” said Rich, the discharge advocate for heart failure patients at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. “The heirloom I’ll be passing on to my family will be my passport with all its extra visa pages.” But not before she’s finished with it. Next spring, Rich, BSN, RN, PCCN, will be making a third trip to Mongolia to educate nurses and bring hope to remote villages there. She’ll be traveling with other volunteer nurses and disassembled mannequins in her suitcase. (continued)

KFC coming to Ulaanbaatar (USA) Jan 13
Fried Chicken In Ulan Bator: KFC To Open In Mongolia

Would you like home-style biscuits or mashed potatoes to go with your yurt? No country is out of reach for global food brands these days, and this week it's Mongolia. In partnership with Ulan Bator-based Tavan Bogd Group, Yum! Brands is opening up four KFC outlets in Mongolia this year. (continued)