Monday, December 17, 2012

NEWS: Mongolian in the News - Dec 17

  • Tampa Bay Times (USA) - Dec 17
    Beef 'O' Brady's to open a restaurant in Mongolia

    When investors wanted to bring an American restaurant to Mongolia, a place so cold and dry it can't grow crops, they looked for a menu that reflects the country's appetite for meat. One immediately stood out: Beef 'O' Brady's. The Tampa-based sports bar and neighborhood pub has signed a deal to open multiple locations in Mongolia, starting in Ulaanbaatar, a capital city most Americans can't locate on a map. (continued)

  • Eurasia Review (Sri Lanka) - Dec 16
    Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar’s Last Green Spaces Up For Grabs

    Many Mongolians were surprised when, one day in 2004, a corrugated-steel fence suddenly went up around Ulaanbaatar’s 35-acre Children’s Park. They were horrified six years later when only a tiny four-acre fraction of the park reopened to the public, and plans emerged for the construction of a luxury hotel and other private developments on the rest of the area. (continued)

  • The New York Times (USA) - Dec 10
    Boom in Mongolia Deflates After Deal That Started It Is Threatened

    The concept of a “blue sky country” has become almost a cliché in presentations about Mongolia, the world’s fastest-growing economy last year. The phrase, which evokes the Montana-like landscape of the steppe, paints a picture of sunny investment horizons in this frontier democracy rich in coal, copper and gold. But visitors to this city, the capital of Mongolia, seldom find a blue sky today. It is smoggy, and soot rains down from the hills, as the poorest residents burn cheap brown coal to stay alive through the winter. The investment prospects of Mongolia, a darling of the emerging markets, are similarly shifting. (continued)

    A rainstorm approaches Mongolia's Oyu Tolgoi mine