Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NEWS: Peacekeeping Drills Begin in Mongolia

Originally posted on ChinaDaily.com.cn on August 8, 2012

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia - The 10th "Khaan Quest" multinational peacekeeping exercise started in Mongolia on Sunday.

More than 1,000 soldiers from 10 countries, including the US, South Korea, India, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, France, Britain and Germany took part in the exercise.

China, Russia and Kazakhstan sent observers to the exercise at the Five Hills training center, some 50 kilometers to the southwest of the capital Ulan Bator. This year's maneuvers consist of various training courses including battalion level staff exercise, platoon level counter-improvised explosive device training, field training and medical outreach to the civilian population of Ulan Bator.

The Khaan Quest 2012 focuses on multinational peacekeeping operations intended to improve interoperability among US, Mongolian and other international forces, Michael Thompson, exercise director of Khaan Quest 2012, said in a welcome letter.

He said training together could improve the participating forces' operational capability to provide security and to deter hostile threats affecting populations around the world.

President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Tsakhia Elbegdorj, Chief of the General Staff Tserendejid Byambajav and military officials, diplomats from China, the US and Japan attended the opening ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mongolian paratroops and cavalry put on performances for soldiers and military officials from the participating countries.

The Khaan Quest exercise is sponsored by the US Army and hosted annually by the Mongolian Armed Forces.

Word List:
  • maneuvers: a planned movement by a military group
  • battalion: a large group of soldiers that consists of three or more smaller groups called companies
  • platoon: a small group of soldiers that a lieutenant is in charge of
  • to focus: to give attention, effort, etc. to one particular subject, situation or person rather than another
  • to deter: to make someone decide not to do something
  • paratroops: soldiers who are trained to jump from planes using a parachute