Sunday, March 11, 2012

UBPost: Relax with Milk Tea

Originally from the UBPost print newspaper of Feb. 3, 2012
By Tivovalo

Tea holds an important place in the Mongolian people's daily life, especially the nutritious and sustaining milk tea. Mongolians usually prepare milk tea early in the morning, and keep warming it up over a small fire all day. When you visit a Mongolian family, they will treat you with milk tea made with water, salt and cow or sheep's milk. Sometimes the tea is served with rice, dumplings, flour and melted butter. This kind of tea is know to relax your body and mind.

To make Mongolian milk tea, first boil crushed brick tea in an iron pot or kettle of water. After the liquid turns reddish brown (in about ten minutes), add cow or sheep's milk, along with a little salt. Stir the brew well, and the result is a hot, hearty-flavored beverage.

the Mongolians are well known for their hospitality. When a guest arrives at the ger of a Mongolian family, the host will first present to him, using both hands, a large plate of dairy products such as cheese, milk curd and butter. Then milk tea will be served, which the guest should accept with both hands. He should then move the tea to his left hand, dip the tip of the third finger of his right hand in the tea, toss it up in the air and lick the fingertip. This is meant to show his gratitude for the host's hospitality. Milk tea is an indispensable part of the Mongolian's daily life.