Thursday, February 2, 2012

MV: The Tourist - 2011

Elise sits next to an American tourist, Frank, on a train going to Venice. She has chosen him as a decoy, making believe that he is her lover who is wanted by police. Not only will they need to evade the police, but also the mobster whose money her lover stole.

A tea with milk, an orange juice and and a croissant.
  • croissant = a type of light bread with a curved shape that is usually eaten for breakfast
Come again?
  • "Come again?" = "What did you say?"
Somebody is talking to her. Looks like a courier.
  • courier = messenger, delivers messages & packages
Looks like a messenger, you said to call if anything changed in her routine.
  • routine = your usual way of doing things, especially when you do them in a fixed order at the same time
We have to throw them off the trail.
  • to throw off the trail = to stop someone from finding you or from discovering the truth about something by using a clever plan or trick
Congratulations, Acheson. You have, indeed, cracked this case.
  • to crack the case = to solve a complicated problem, or to find the answer to a mystery
Alexander Pearce has 744 million in illegal assets...
  • assets = something such as money or property that a person or company owns
...that, given he is a British subject, we might seize.
  • subject = someone who lives in a country that is controlled by a king or queen
  • to seize = to take something using official power and force
Money laundering.
  • money laundering = hiding the source of illegally gotten money
I think you'd be a diplomatic attach#e.
  • diplomatic attaché = a diplomatic official attached to an embassy or legation, especially in a technical capacity
Ectomorph, yes. Same basic phenotype.
  • ectomorph = having a thin body build,
  • phenotype = observable physical character of the body as to strength, health, etc of a person
You're the paranoid math teacher.
  • paranoid = worrying that people do not like you and are trying to harm you, although you have no proof of this
He's fluttering his eyelids like a girl. That's his tell.
  • fluttering = to move up and down or from side to side with short, quick, light movements
  • tell = (noun) indication of playing card strength unintentionally given off by an opponent
Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, I could use a lift, yeah.
  • lift = (noun) a ride somewhere
You're ravenous. / Do you mean ravishing?
  • ravenous = extremely hungry
  • ravishing = extremely beautiful or attractive;
I don't like being summoned.
  • to summon = to call for the presence of, as by command, message, or signal
It drives me nuts.
  • to drive someone nuts = to make someone crazy, to irritate someone a lot
Prepare to intervene.
  • to intervene = to become involved in a situation in order to try to stop or change it
We still have a visual but the American is in imminent danger.
  • imminent = likely or certain to happen very soon
I'd say not our mandate.
  • mandate = an official order to do something
Sir, this man is in real peril.
  • peril = danger
Am l making myself crystal clear?
  • crystal clear = extremely obvious or easy to understand
They've placed a....A bounty on your head.
  • "bounty on [someone's] head" = reward to capture/kill [someone]
Brand-new bills? l appreciate it.
  • bills = dollar bills
Now he owns most of the casinos and brothels from here to Novosibirsk.
  • brothels = place where prostitutes work
Well, you've certainly blown your cover now.
  • to blow someone's cover = to tell people who someone really is or what they are really doing, especially when doing this puts that person in danger or spoils a plan
Who'd have thought your tastes were so provincial?
  • provincial = old-fashioned and conservative
He just left her that envelope. Pull up the footage, we have his face.
  • footage = video footage, part of a movie
I don't bloody believe this. All right, get that moron out of here.
  • moron = someone who is stupid
Take that gangster guy.
  • gangster = a member of an organized group of criminals
And you're a moron that almost ruined my 8-million-pound sting operation.
  • sting operation = a complicated plan, usually taking months of work and a lot of people, by undercover agents to catch and arrest criminals.
Oh, I took great pleasure...never knowing what the scamp would do next.
  • scamp = someone, especially a child, who behaves badly but is difficult to dislike
You know, in our quaint legal system, if a man sleeps with my wife...
  • quaint = interesting or attractive with a slightly strange and old-fashioned quality
Permission to fire. / Hold your fire.
  • to fire = to shoot
  • "hold your fire" = don't shoot
Permission to engage. / Negative.
  • to engage = to start to fight with an enemy in battle
  • negative = no
It's absurd.
  • absurd = completely stupid, unreasonable, or impossible to believe
This is Chief Inspector Jones. Permission granted.
  • to grant = to give
Agent Ward, your suspension's lifted.
  • suspension = punishment where someone is removed from a team/job/school for short time
  • to lift = to officially end a rule or law that stopped someone from doing something
And your employment is terminated.
  • employment is terminated = you are fired

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