Saturday, October 8, 2011

MV: Walk the Line - 2005

The story of how Johnny Cash became Johnny Cash traces from his childhood under a distant father to his early attempts at a music career, during which he married his girlfriend Vivian. During a tour with the likes of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, he encounters singer June Carter, and his love for her--and her rejection of him through the years--spurs him into drugs, drinking, and depression. As with most movies based on real-life singers, as his popularity grows, the women come a-flockin', and the childhood demons surface.

You know every story in Scripture.
  • Scripture = from the Bible
You know every song in Mama's hymnal.
  • hymnal = book containing hymns, religious songs
Them radio stations will say anything to get them niggers off.
  • niggers = [offensive slang] African-Americans
  • whoa = stop
Drop it in a brook.
  • brook = very small stream
I saw this church in Dusseldorf...
  • Dusseldorf = city in Germany
Is it any wonder a man sometimes went berserk...
  • berserk = to become violent and uncontrolled because you are very angry
- and it is selling like hotcakes.
  • to sell like hotcakes = to sell very well
I mean, I got a lot of personality, I got sass...
  • sass = to talk to someone in a way that shows you do not respect or like them, especially someone in authority
I give it my all, but my sister Anita's really the one who's got the pipes.
  • pipes = [slang] singing voice
Ten to one, and they're obscene.
  • obscene = offensive in a sexual way
He didn't say take a nibble when you're hungry.
  • to nibble = to eat something by taking a lot of small bites
Ease off, ease off.
  • to ease off = to go more slowly, especially when you are driving or running fast
Ray, why don't you say grace?
  • grace = a Christian prayer said before meals
Well, what'd you use, a sapling?
  • sapling = very small tree
All right, well...quit that clutching on me, and I'll sing with you...
  • to clutch = to hold someone or something firmly, for example because you are afraid or in pain, or do not want to lose them
Well, "Big River" ain't a duet.
  • duet = two singers
It's inappropriate.
  • inappropriate = not appropriate, used about behavior that you think is wrong because it is morally wrong or against acceptable social or professional standards
I surmise you've never been to bed.
  • to surmise = to guess that something is true, when you do not have enough information to prove that it is true
Y'all are gonna blow this tour.
  • to blow = to destroy your own chance of succeeding, or to waste a good opportunity
We even had a flying nanny.
  • nanny = a woman whose job is to take care of someone else’s children. A nanny usually lives with the family that she works for.
So you think this one will stick?
  • to stick = [slang] to last, not breakup
Stock car driver.
  • stock car = an ordinary car that has been changed for racing
You don't have to worry about bookings
  • bookings = an arrangement made by a performer to perform at a particular place and time in the future
Highfalutin' high rollers out there.
  • highfalutin = [old slang] used for describing people, language, or ideas that sound very educated and difficult to understand
  • high rollers = someone who spends or gambles a lot of money
He's been detained for just a minute.
  • to be detained = to delay someone who has to go somewhere
Or is he incognito?
  • incognito = using a false name, or changing your appearance so that you will not be recognized
Big spread.
  • spread = [slang] land, property, ranch
I was trying to pull out that stump, and I couldn't...
  • stump = the base of a cut off tree
While Johnny was out recuperating...the world changed.
  • recuperating = to get better after being sick or injured
Might I suggest you refrain from playing any more tunes
  • to refrain = to stop yourself from doing something. This word is often used in official announcements or signs
You got these people all revved up, John.
  • to be revved up = to become or make something become faster, more lively, or more exciting

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