Monday, May 9, 2011

MV: Life As We Know It

2010 - Life as We Know It

Holly and Eric were set up on a blind date by their friends, Peter and Allison who are married. A few years later after Peter and Allison were killed in an accident, they learn that Peter and Allison have named them as the guardians to their daughter, Sophie. So they move into their house and try their best to honor their friends' wishes. But raising a child puts a crimp on their style and they don't exactly get along.

But I just finished getting ready, and Alison said it was your MO. so...
  • MO = (modus operandi) a usual way of doing something
- It's a sweet ride.
  • sweet = {slang} nice
We'll grab a table and we'll just slide right in.
  • to grab = to get
- My friend from culinary school is the-
  • culinary school = cooking school for chef's
She's gonna blow if you keep doing that. She's in a puking phase.
  • to blow = {slang} to vomit
  • to puke = to vomit
- Oh, my bad. I thought you liked this girl.
  • "my bad" = {slang} my fault
- No. We agreed to a moratorium on setups.
  • moratorium = a time when a particular activity is not allowed
You have the worst setup track record ever.
  • to setup = to arrange a date for someone else
  • track record = the things that someone or something has done or achieved in the past regarded especially as a way to judge what that person or thing is likely to do in the future
In the meantime, you keep having gorgeous babies...
  • gorgeous = very beautiful
- You're stoned.
  • to be stoned = to be under the influence after smoking marijuana
We all know about the receding hairline.
  • receding hairline = going bald
Hey, baby's birthday. Neutral corners.
  • neutral corner = {slang} no fighting or arguing
Because she's a genius.
  • genius = very smart
When Sophie goes nuclear, she can calm her down.
  • to go nuclear = {slang} to explode, to get angry
- We call her the baby whisperer.
  • baby whisperer = based on a TV show called the 'Dog Whisperer' who can control dogs
Let's go get you changed, hmm?
  • to get you changed = to get you a new diaper
- I was a real jock back in college.
  • jock = athlete, sportsman
How else do you think I snagged Miss Pennsylvania here?
  • to snag = {slang} to catch, to get, to marry
- Busted.
  • busted = {slang} caught, guilty, "you're right, it's me"
Guys, I want a picture of Sophie with her godparents.
  • godparents = responsible for spiritual education of a child in case the parents die
Oh, and mugs are in the cabinet.
  • mug = large coffee cup
You may be bipolar, but you're a genius. I swear, I would eat them out of the trash.
  • bipolar = (bipolar disorder = manic depression) mental illness in which a person experiences periods of strong excitement and happiness followed by periods of sadness and depression
- Free-range turkey on baguette?
  • free-range = allowed to move around freely : not kept in cages
  • baguette = a long, thin loaf of French bread
- Do you like croissants?
  • croissant = a type of roll that has a curved shape and that is usually eaten at breakfast
Come on, people, let's bump up the energy.
  • to bump up = {slang} to increase
No. She was in the care of a minor, a babysitter, at the time of the accident.
  • minor = not an adult, usually 17 or younger
Orphaned children.
  • orphan = child with no parents
No, ma'am, I don't care about your protocol. This is-
  • protocol = a system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations
Everyone at the firm, we will miss Peter very much.
  • firm = (law) firm
The foster family she was with will bring her to CPS.
  • foster family = family who agree to care for a child on a temporary basis for the government
I know this is overwhelming.
  • overwhelming = used to describe something that is so confusing, difficult, etc., that you feel unable to do it
So I suggest the two of you move in here in the interim, for Sophie.
  • interim = (interval) a period of time between events
Share the place, both sleep-deprived?
  • deprive (someone or something) of (something) = to take something away from someone or something : to not allow (someone or something) to have or keep (something)
Well, what about the upkeep? Or the utilities or the taxes?
  • upkeep = cost of taking care of something
You have any idea what the nut on this is?
  • nut = {slang} money, cost
I'm getting the feeling this is a reconnaissance mission.
  • reconnaissance mission = observing to get information/facts
New parents, gotta stock the fridge.
  • to stock = to fill the shelves
When you order Motrin, get the dye-free.
  • Motrin = drug for pain and headaches
But she does have this protrusion on her stomach.
  • protrusion = a part that sticks out
"One bottle of Pinot Noir, one to two glasses as needed".
  • Pinot Noir = a kind of wine
Or white. Same dosage, though.
  • dosage = amount of drug
like a guy will stare at a woman with a great rack.
  • rack = {slang} woman's breasts
That's so handy.
  • handy = very useful or helpful
- Been saying it behind your back for years.
  • to say (something ) behind (someone's) back = to say usually unkind things to others but not to the person involved
- A belligerent drunk. Great.
  • belligerent = argues, yells
..when the boss gets kicked upstairs or gets pinched with a tranny hooker...
  • to get pinched = {slang} to get arrested
  • tranny = {slang} transvestite
  • hooker = prostitute
...I'll get my shot in the director's chair.
  • shot = chance, opportunity
I'm not sniffing this baby's booty.
  • booty = {slang} buttocks, butt, bottom, ass
I want a nice, comfy seat inside...
  • comfy = comfortable
Of course you think that's awesome, because all you care about is getting laid.
  • to get laid = {slang} to have sex
You know, I hate this place. It's like a mausoleum in here.
  • mausoleum = {slang} deathly quiet; a stone building with places for the dead bodies of several people or the body of an important person

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