Friday, October 8, 2010

Nike: Strengthen Your Back to Help You Run Tall

originally posted October 27, 2008 by Coach Jay

"Running tall" is important for all types of runners, and now with the ancillary videos at your fingertips on the Nike Running blog, you might find it even easier to help you accomplish this. While all of the routines help with core strength, the back routine is especially important because it helps you strengthen your posterior chain, the muscles that make up the posterior or "back" of your body. The back routine is as much for butt and hamstrings as it is for you back muscles; if you can strengthen your posterior chain than it will be easier for you to run tall, which is biomechanically more efficient than leaning forward. Remember to try just 1-2 reps of each exercise in the back routine before adding this to your daily schedule.

Want to check out Jay's back routine video? Find it here.

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