Friday, August 20, 2010

MV: Yes Man

2008 - Yes Man

The banker Carl Allen is a lonely man with low self-esteem after his divorce with Stephanie, for whom he still yearns. He avoids his best friend Peter. He has a boring job, stalled in a bureaucratic position in the loan department of a bank; and he spends his spare time watching DVDs. When he meets by chance his former high school mate Nick, he is convinced to participate of a self-help program called "Yes Man" leaded by the guru Terrence Bundley. The basic principle of the program is to say "yes" to new situations, leaving the negativism aside. Carl misunderstands the concept and says "yes" to every question. While leaving the encounter, he helps a homeless man and in the end of the night he meets the gorgeous Allison that helps him with her scooter. His life completely changes with his new attitude.

Oh, just hanging out in my apartment.
  • to hang out: to spend time relaxing in a particular place or with particular people
Darn it to heck!
  • darn it to heck: polite way to say 'damn it to hell'
I thought you had hung up your spurs you old cowboy.
  • to hang up your spurs: to quit something
Issues pending. They keep me pretty busy.
  • pending: waiting to be dealt with, settled, or completed
Carl it's open bar. What's the problem?
  • open bar: free drinks
- Yeah, they seem to be thriving. Good for her.
  • thriving: very successful, happy or healthy
Anyway, I am gone-a-rea.
  • gone-a-rea: sounds like gonorrhea (sexually transmitted disease)
I'm having a get-together at my place.
  • get-together: party
...but my designs are going to revolutionize the roller industry
  • revolutionize: change a lot
...but you have no equity.
  • equity: the value of a property after you have taken away the amount left to pay
You must be running this place by now.
  • to run something: to be the boss of something
I shot a cow with a bazooka.
  • bazooka: military weapon (gun carried on the shoulder to launch small missiles)
Why don't you take this rock and throw it at that bank and shatter the window the window?
  • shatter: to break something suddenly into a lot of small pieces
That's pathetic.
  • pathetic: if someone or something looks or sounds pathetic, you feel sympathy for them
He's like a frickin mind grenade.
  • frickin': polite way to say 'fucking' meaning incredible
Change is generated from consciousness but where is consciousness generated from?
  • to generate: to produce
From the external .
  • external: outside of something
When you say 'Yes' to things, you embrace the possible.
  • embrace: hold
You've gobbled up all of life's energies and you excrete the waste.
  • to gobble: {slang} to grab
That's okay, I'm just auditing.
  • audit: to attend a class but for no grade
If the mole hill won't come to Terrence,
  • mole hill: small bit of dirt made with a mole (small animal) digs in the ground
You are stuck in the same dead-end job.
  • stuck: not moving
  • dead-end job: job with no future, no advancement
We can make a covenant, Carl.
  • covenant: (old usage, usually religious) a formal agreement or promise
...things can get a little dicy.
  • dicey: involving danger or risk
Gracias amigo. It was real nice of you to give me a ride. Most people just say no.
  • gracias amigo: Spanish for 'thank you friend'
Can I borrow a couple bucks?
  • bucks: {slang} dollars
Why not take a late night stroll through the hills and get killed by the Manson family?
  • stroll: a walk
Did you just run out of gas?
  • to run out: to finish something usually needing more.
I don't want to be kept alive artificially.
  • to be kept alive artificially: to be alive only because machines help breath
Unless you want to stick around and make out?
  • to make out: to kiss
I bake cakes in the shape of different celebrities' faces.
  • celebrity: someone famous
I marched upstairs and told the big guns Carl gets promoted in leiu of Demco
  • big guns: {slang} top management of a company
- You're preaching to the choir, Carl.
  • preaching to the choir: trying to convince someone who already agrees
Excuse me. can we get another round of drinks.
  • round of drinks: another drink for everyone
Actually, we're going to start a tab, and our good friend here, Carl Allen, will be taking care of it.
  • tab: a bill for the cost of a meal or for drinks that you have bought
I made a sacred covenant.
  • acred: holy
That sounded naughty.
  • naughty: a naughty joke, picture, or postcard is sexual in a rude but funny way
But if I win, I get to take that pretty girl of yours to a ball.
  • a ball: a formal social event at which there is dancing
Come on, I got your back.
  • to have your back: to help protect someone from the unknown or unseen
First we have to establish the ground rules.
  • ground rules: the basic rules or principles that govern the way that something is done
That's why you got punched out. Because you got the wrong attitude right out of the gate.
  • out of the gate: at the start, at the beginning
I do not know what to say. I'm stumped. Baffled.
  • to be stumped: if you are stumped by something, you cannot explain or answer it
  • to be baffled: if a problem, someone’s behavior, etc. baffles you, you cannot understand it or solve it
He is a computer hacker.
  • hacker: someone who uses a computer to connect to other people’s computers secretly and often illegally, so that they can find or change information
It's so crazy. Are you stalking me?
  • to stalk: to follow and watch someone all the time in a threatening way, because of an extremely strong interest in them
Gonna pull an all-nighter.
  • pull an all-nighter: do something all night, usually till sunrise
We hit a couple of raves last night. It was totally off the hook.
  • rave: a very large party, where people dance to music and sometimes take illegal drugs
  • off the hook: too much fun
Yeah, you seem a little hyper.
  • hyper: short for 'hyperactive' - too much energy, activity
Closed off little boy. Tender topic.
  • tender: sensitive
Carl, would you like to throw Lucy a bridal shower?
  • bridal shower: a party for a woman who will soon be getting married, where she gets gifts
You know at first I thought you might be raiding our coffers.
  • raiding our coffers: stealing from business
Carl, these micro-loans. Not bad.
  • micro-: very small
See, Car. You worry-wart.
  • worry-wart: One who worries excessively or unnecessarily
So, where are you headed?
  • headed: going
Kind of an 'eeny, meeny, miny' thing
  • eeny, meeny, miny: children's choosing game
Keeps it fresh.
  • fresh: new, exciting, different
...because if you don't take the heads off properly, then everything gets mixed into the batch
  • batch: an amount of a food that is prepared or baked at one time
You are hilarious.
  • hilarious: very, very funny
It was a spontaneous vacation.
  • spontaneous: happening in a natural way without being planned or thought about
... but I guess I figured like an adult you were going to weigh the options.
  • to weigh your options: to choose the best of all the options
It kicks the crap out of dealing with those peons, eh?
  • peons: used for describing someone who works hard for little money or who feels they are not respected in their job
kept throwing money at it.
  • throwing money at it: continue spending a lot of money on something
Oh, right. Nailed it.
  • nailed it: got it correct
We had this big fight and he stormed off.
  • to storm off: to leave suddenly when angry
Oh come on, can't you give me a break?
  • to give a break: to make an exception to a rule
Oh, wow, thanks. My knight in shining armor.
  • a man who helps someone, especially a woman, who is sad or in trouble
- It makes your package look good.
  • package: {slang} genitals

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