Friday, August 20, 2010

MV: Mr and Mrs Smith

2005 - Mr and Mrs Smith

John and Jane Smith are a married couple, both living unexciting lives and attending marriage therapy, as their passion has cooled since they got married. But what they don't know about each other is that they are both professional assassins working for two rival agencies. John's latest assignment is to eliminate Benjaiman "Tank" Danz, but it all becomes complicated when Jane is also assigned to eliminate the same target. Learning that they are both assassins and failing to eliminate Danz, John and Jane's separate employers decide that they try to take each other out (John kill Jane, Jane kill John). Engaged in a deadly game, John and Jane try to take each other out and learns more about each other as they try to finish the job and eliminate Danz.

And this is like a check-up for us.
  • check-up: an examination to make sure that ST is healthy
Chance to poke around the engine, maybe change the oil.
  • to poke around: to try to find something
- Replace a seal or two.
  • seal: a shaped piece of ST that closes a hole inside an engine so that substances cannot get in or out
Very well, then. Let's pop the hood.
  • to pop the hood: to open (the engine compartment in a car)
Ten being perfectly happy and one being totally miserable, or...
  • miserable: extremely unhappy or uncomfortable
- Just respond instinctively.
  • respond: to answer
- To dodging bullets.
  • to dodge: to avoid SO/ST by moving quickly, especially so that something does not hit you
I think room service fled.
  • room service: provided by a hotel to allow you to have food and drink brought to your room
  • to flee: to escape from a dangerous situation or place very quickly
She's uninhibited, spontaneous, complicated. She's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
  • uninhibited: not embarrassed about showing or saying how you feel
  • spontaneous: happening in a natural way without being planned or thought about
- He's in construction. Big-time contractor.
  • Big-time: the highest and most successful level in a profession
A server goes down on Wall Street. She's there, anytime, day or night.
  • server: a computer that controls or performs a particular job for all the computers in a network
His questions were a bit wishy-washy.
  • wishy-washy: {slang} not strong or definite
Not the most insightful.
  • insightful: showing a very good understanding of a person or a complicated situation
And his office is clear across town.
  • clear across: completely on the other side
It's pissing rain out there.
  • pissing rain: raining a lot
This tea sandwich of a man, he got his hands on them first.
  • "tea sandwich of a man": small gentleman, very proper but not aggressive
They're a bit green, so we have to reupholster the sofas and get a new rug. Maybe a Persian.
  • reupholster: to re-cover furniture with cloth or leather so that it is attractive and comfortable
I remember cos we said we'd wait.
  • cos: short for 'because'
Zero per cent APR till March.
  • APR: annual percentage rate: the percentage that a bank makes you pay in interest when you borrow money from it, calculated over a period of one year
  • Yes. Some clown crashed a server in a law firm downtown and ended the world, so yes.
  • clown: SO very stupid
  • law firm: business company of lawyers
I'll be there. In and out. Just a quickie.
  • quickie: something done very quick
What the hell? What's this shite?
  • shite: Irish pronunciation of 'shit'
Sorry. Where's the can around here? Chrissake...
  • can: toilet, bathroom
- Private game. Piss off.
  • Piss off: {slang} Go away.
Easy, big feller.
  • feller: poor pronunciation of 'fello' meaning 'man'
In the pot. Put it in the pot.
  • pot: an amount of money that people share or compete for, especially in a card game
- He's got 14 different tells!
  • tell: in poker is a subtle but detectable change in a player's behavior or demeanor that gives clues to that player's assessment of his hand
He's down!
  • 'he is down': he is hurt
- Don't stray too far, guys.
  • to stray: to move away from the correct place or path
- It's a bloodbath over there.
  • bloodbath: a situation in which a lot of businesses close or a lot of people lose their jobs because there is so much competition
Actually, I got all my dough buried under the tool shed.
  • dough: {slang} money
Oh, shoot. Not again.
  • shoot: polite way of saying 'shit'
Get rid of that gum.
  • to get rid of ST: to throw away or put away
Barbecue, no ladies, dudes only. It's gonna be awesome.
  • dude: guy
  • awesome: great
…in case you decide to scratch your ass or use the head later.
  • head: toilet, bathroom
They're making a ground-to-air handoff to heli, ten miles north of the Mexican border.<
  • handoff: to pass or transfer ST to SO
  • heli: short for helicopter
He'll rendezvous with the helicopter at a deserted airstrip. We've one chance to strike.
  • rendezvous: to meet at a particular time and place that you have arranged
- Affirmative. Is it a threat?
  • affirmative: yes
Countdown's initiated. The convoy is not in the zone yet.
  • convoy: a group of vehicles or ships travelling together, often with other vehicles or ships providing protection
- Again. That'll be on your mantel next year.
  • mantel / mantelpiece: a shelf above the opening of a fireplace
Just gimme a hand, will you?
  • gimme: poor pronunciation of 'give me'
I am so done playing games with this broad.
  • broad: an insulting word for a woman
- The new curtains are hideous.
  • hideous: very ugly or frightening in appearance
Was sloth part of it too?
  • sloth: lazy behavior
Limo, sir?
  • limo: short name for 'limousine'
- Everything OK? We heard an awful ruckus.
  • ruckus: a fight, or a noisy argument
- It's reputable.
  • reputable: generally considered to be honest and reliable
It's not like you're some beacon of truth.
  • beacon of truth: SO/ST that encourages people and gives them a good example to follow
I find myself dragging my feet this morning.
  • dragging my feet: to deliberately go slower than expected
- Uncuff me.
  • to uncuff: to unlock hand-cuffs
Zip it!
  • zip it: shut up, be quiet, don't say anything
This guy's a wily one.
  • wily: clever and willing to trick people in order to get what you want
That's regrettable.
  • regrettable: making you feel sad or sorry because ST happened that you wish had not happened

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