Friday, July 23, 2010

MV: Ice Age

20,000 years before, our planet is entering an ice age. All kinds of animals begin migrating to the south, seeking more warm climates. Sid, a sloth who never stops talking is left behind sleeping while everyone else begins the journey to the south. Awaking, he meets Manny, a mammoth who travels to the north, and decides to follow him. When a humans camp is attacked by sabertooth tigers, a woman takes her baby and jumps on a river. Before she drowns, the baby is rescued by Manny and Sid. The two animals decide to search for the father and return the baby to him. Diego, one of the tigers that attacked the humans, comes also claiming the baby.

Words and phrases:

Why not call it the Big Chill? Or the Nippy era?ˆ
  • nippy: cold
  • era: a period of time that has a special quality or characteristic
No "buts". You can play "extinction" later.
  • extinction: the situation when an animal, plant, or language no longer exists
He said something about being on a verge of an evolutionary breakthrough.
  • breakthrough: a discovery or achievement that comes after a lot of hard work
Go ahead, dig in.
  • to dig in: to start eating without waiting
A dandelion. I thought the frost wiped them all out.
  • to wipe out: to kill all of something
Bon appétit.
  • bon appetite: French expression meaning 'enjoy your meal'
Don't let them impale me, please. I wanna live!
  • to impale: to push a pointed object through someone or something
Come on, you're making a scene.
  • to make a scene: a noisy argument or a strong show of feelings in a public place
We'll just take our furry pinata and go. Would you mind?
  • pinata: used in a children's game in Mexico with paper animal filled with candy
Isn't this great? You and me, two bachelors knockin' about in the wild.
  • to be knockin' about: to travel around
You're very shrewd mammal.
  • shrewd: able to judge people and situations very well and to make good decisions
I'll just zip the lip when I say ...
  • to zip the lip: to stop talking
We'll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight. Now, won't we?
  • brawn: strength
And they gagged me with a field mouse, barricaded the cave door, and covered their tracks, went through water so I'd lose their scent,
  • to gag: to put something in/over someone’s mouth so that they cannot speak or make a noise
  • to barricade: to shut yourself inside a place and block all the entrances so that no one can get in
  • scent: a particular smell, especially a pleasant one
Could you scooch over a drop?
  • scooch: {slang} scoot over a little bit
And I thought, wow, she's gonna go praying mantis on me. I mean, you know what I'm saying?
  • praying mantis: long stick-like insect, {slang} romantically attack
Don't you have some poor defenseless animals to disembowel?
  • disembowel: to kill someone by cutting open their stomach and removing their intestines
Everybody knows they have a settlement on the other side.
  • settlement: town, village, camp
He won't stop squirming. You're holding it wrong.
  • to squirm: to move by twisting and turning in a small space
Well I ain't exactly lactating right now, pal.
  • to lactate: if a female lactates, she produces milk in her breasts in order to feed her baby
Protect the Dodo way of life!
  • dodo: extinct bird that died during the ice age.
I've heard of these crackpots.
  • crackpots: crazy people
No way! This is our private stockpile for the ice age.
  • stockpile: a large collection of things that may be needed
Now to find a meal befitting a conquering hero.
  • befitting: to be suitable for someone or something
Hey. Don't let me cramp your style.
  • to cramp your style: to make someone feel that they cannot behave in the way they want
Hey lovebirds. Look at this.
  • lovebirds: lovers, boyfriend-girlfriend, a couple showing affection to each other
Come here, you little biped.Come here, you little wormy-worm.
  • biped: an animal that walks on two feet
You wanna maul something. Don't you think?
  • to maul: to attach with claws and teeth, usually causing serious injury

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