Sunday, July 4, 2010

MV: 17 Again

In 1989, the teenager Mike O'Donnell is the star of the Hayden High-School. On the day of the final basketball game, Mike will be observed and may win a scholarship in college. However, his girlfriend Scarlett tells him that she is pregnant and Mike does not play the game. Twenty years later, Mike is a complete loser that blames Scar for his failures: he is not promoted to sale manager after working sixteen years in the same company; Scarlett is divorcing him; his teenagers son Alex and daughter Maggie hate him; and he is temporarily living with his best friend, the eccentric and immature millionaire Ned Gold. Mike nostalgically visits Hayden where an old janitor talks to him about second chance in life. During the night, he sees the janitor jumping from a bridge into the river and he unsuccessfully tries to help the man. Mike passes out and when he wakes up, he discovers that he is seventeen again. Further, he discovers that he has a second chance to fix his relationship with his family.

Words and phrases:

Just talked to the scout again.
  • scout: someone whose job is to look for new performers or sports players
Free ride to college and the world's your oyster, kid.
  • free ride: full scholarship, get something without paying or working for it.
  • the world's your oyster: saying you can go anywhere or do anything that you want to
We gotta hang on. Ned's not here yet.
  • gotta: have got to
  • hang on: wait
Who cares? He's the water boy.
  • water boy: younger boy who helps get water for sports players
Um, Ned, Ned, look, I'm your best friend, all right, and I'll always have your back.
  • to have your back: to defend you
Who is that stone-cold fox?
  • stone-cold fox: incredible sexy woman
This whole scout thing has me wicked nervous.
  • wicked: very very
I just feel like my whole future's riding on this game.
  • riding on: depending on
Oh, yeah. Everything's totally copacetic.
  • copacetic: completely satisfactory, fine, excellent
I had no upside for that.
  • upside: the positive aspect of a bad situation
"What's it take to be an RSM?"
  • RSM: regional sales manager
Go out there and push some pills, my peeps.
  • to push: to sell
  • my peeps: my people (slang)
Today everything turns around for me.
  • to turn around: to stop being unsuccessful and to start being successful
Knock them dead.
  • knock them dead: used for encouraging someone to impress people
...the way corporate wants us to spin it...
  • to spin it: to present information in a particular way, especially in a way that makes something seem good or less bad
You guys! OMG.
  • OMG: oh my god!
Oh, and it gets better, because we are going to T.G.I. Friday's!
  • T.G.I. Fridays: restuarant (TGIF = thank god its Friday)
Been working on that outside shot? Passing? Dribbling?
  • outside shot: basketball - outside the three-point line, a long shot
  • passing: basketball - throwing the ball to another player
  • dribbling: basketball - bouncing the ball on the floor used to advance or move
Really? So I've spent the last 18 years of my life listening to you whine...
  • whine: complain but does nothing to correct
Back on the market.
  • to be back on the market: to be available again
Yeah, I'm a real catch.
  • real catch: a good person for a relationship
  • googleable: information that can be found using
I'm pubescent!
  • pubescent: teenager
The janitor.
  • janitor: cleaning man (floors, etc)
I had him out of wedlock, so...
  • wedlock: legally married
I was about to close!
  • to close: finish negotiations
Welcome to the bottom of the food chain.
  • food chain: series of positions with each one more important than the one before a total douche.
  • a total douche: a worthless person; someone blatantly inconsiderate of others
Bedazzled by rhinestones.
  • bedazzled: very impressed and slightly confused by something
  • rhinestones: an artificial jewel made of clear glass
Hey, yo, check it out.
  • yo: you (slang)
  • check it out: look at this
Settle, people. Settle down.
  • to settle down: to calm down
Take the roughhousing outside, class.
  • to roughhouse: to play in a rough noisy way
I think we could go for full custody.
  • full custody: the legal right to take care of a child 100%, not shared
Fakes right, goes left.
  • to fake: to pretend that something to keep opponents off balance
And signature move.
  • signature: unique
Good hoops, kid. Nice handle.
  • hoops: basketball shots
  • handle: handling the ball
Underneath all of that male bravado...
  • bravado: a brave and confident way of behaving when you do not really feel like this
Mom, it's sick.
  • sick: really good

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