Friday, June 4, 2010

My students like 'Ozomatli'

Ozomatli is a seven to ten piece band playing primarily Latin, hip hop, and rock music, formed in 1995 in Los Angeles. They are known both for their vocal activist viewpoints and their wide array of musical styles - including salsa, jazz, funk, reggae, and others.

In a 2007 NPR interview, band members Jiro Yamaguchi and Ulises Bella describe Ozomatli:

You drive down Sunset Boulevard and turn off your stereo and roll down your windows and all the music that comes out of each and every different car, whether it's salsa, cumbia, merengue, or Hip Hop, funk or whatever, it's that crazy blend that's going on between that cacophony of sound is Ozomatli, y'know?

Current members
  • Wil-Dog Abers: Bass, marimbula, background vocals
  • Raúl Pacheco: Guitar, tres, jarana, vocals
  • Justin 'El Niño' Porée: Percussion, rap vocals
  • Asdrubal Sierra: Trumpet, lead vocals, piano
  • Ulises Bella: Saxophone, background vocals, requinto jarocho, keyboard, melodica
  • Jiro Yamaguchi: Tabla, cajon, assorted percussion and background vocals
  • Mario Calire - Drums
Official site
Ozomatli videos
Ozomatli on Jambase
2008 Ozomatli Interview at
Austin City Limits Performance (11/13/2004)
Ozomatli on State Dept. tour in the Middle East, August 2007

Reference: Wikipedia