Saturday, June 12, 2010

MV: Up

Story: Carl Fredrickson, a little boy and a dreamer who idolizes the adventurer Charles Munts. When he meets Ellie, who also worships Munts, they become close friends. However Charles Munts falls into disgrace, accused of forging the skeleton of the monster of Paradise Falls. He travels in his blimp to South America to bring the monster back alive but is never seen again. Eventually he Carl grows up and marries Ellie. They promise each other that they would travel together to Paradise Falls and build a house there. Many years later, Ellie dies and Carl, who's lonely, refuses to move from their house despite the offers of the owner of a construction company. When Carl accidentally hits a worker that damaged his mailbox, he is sentenced to move to a retirement home. However, he uses many balloons to float his house in order to travel to Paradise Falls. Adventure ensues.


What you are now witnessing is footage never before seen by civilized humanity, a lost world in South America.
  • to witness: to see or hear something that happened.
  • footage: a portion of movie or video film
  • humanity: the race of human beings; people.
Lurking in the shadow of majestic Paradise Falls, it sports plants and animals undiscovered by science.
  • to lurk: to be hidden
  • to sport: to show off, to display
Who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit?
  • inhospitable: of a place with no shelter
The beloved explorer lands his dirigible the Spirit of Adventure, in New Hampshire this week, completing a yearlong expedition to the lost world.
  • beloved: deeply loved
  • dirigible: an airship that can be steered or guided, such as a blimp
This lighter-than-air craft was designed by Muntz himself and is longer than 22 prohibition paddy wagons placed end to end.
  • prohibition: period from 1920 to 1933 during which there was a legal ban on the production, transport, sale, or possession of alcoholic beverage in the USA
  • paddy wagon: police van for transporting prisoners
It's a veritable floating palace in the sky, complete with doggy bath and mechanical canine walker.
  • veritable: true; authentic; real
  • canine: having to do with dogs
And, Jiminy Cricket do the locals consider Muntz the bee's knees.
  • Jiminy Cricket: an old term for not saying Jesus Christ when swearing
  • the bee's knees: an old term for excellent - the highest quality
And, golly, what a swell monster this is!
  • golly: an old term used as an exclamation of mild surprise, wonder, puzzlement, or the like.
  • swell: an old term that means fine; excellent; nice.
But what's this? Scientists cry foul.
  • to cry foul: to say something is unfair
The National Explorer's Society accuses Muntz of fabricating the skeleton.
  • fabricating: to make from parts or materials
Bon voyage, Charles Muntz, and good luck capturing the monster of Paradise Falls!
  • bon voyage: french for 'good voyage" "good travels"
He hurdles Pikes Peak.
  • to hurdle: to jump over
Hard to starboard!
  • hard to starboard: to turn to the right (nautical term)
Hold together, old girl.
  • 'old girl': ships are often referred to as being female
Rudders 18 degrees towards the south.
  • rudder: a movable vertical blade at the end of a ship or airplane, used to control direction.
Enter the weather in the logbook.
  • logbook: any book for keeping records of events, navigation details on ships & planes
Don't you know this is an exclusive club?
  • exclusive: keeping out all others
Only explorers get in here, not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles.
  • helmet: protective covering for the head
  • goggles: special glasses worn to protect the eyes from dust, wind, water, or bright light.
I ripped this right out of a library book.
  • to rip right out: to remove quickly using a tearing motion
I'm gonna move my clubhouse there and park it right next to the falls.
  • gonna = going to (slang)
You can take us there in a blimp!
  • blimp: aircraft that flies because it is filled with lighter than air gas; dirigible.
Tell your boss over there that you boys are ruining our house.
  • to ruin: to destroy or damage something.
  • to proceed: to continue on
But skip to the end!
  • skip to the end: to move to the end bypassing other parts
You ever heard of a snipe?
  • snipe: an imaginary creature created to fool kids, who are often sent to 'hunt snipes' as a way of getting them to leave
Beady eyes.
  • beady: watching someone or something very carefully
Every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas.
  • to gobble: to eat in a fast, greedy, and sometimes noisy way.
  • azaleas: a type of flower
I'm elderly and infirm.
  • elderly: old person
  • infirm: weak or ill, as from old age.
You don't seem like a public menace to me.
  • menace: something or someone who is a danger or threat
Is this how you steer your house?
  • to steer: to make something move in a certain direction
We're gonna get blown to bits!
  • blown to bits: destroyed by an explosion into many small pieces
It was a cinch with my Wilderness Explorer GPS.
  • cinch: old term that means easy
  • GPS: abbreviation of "Global Positioning System," a public satellite navigation system designed and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense that provides an accurate global time reference and is used to determine a precise location on Earth.
Now, when you get up there, go ahead and hoist me up!
  • to hoist: to use a rope to lift or move higher
For the love of Pete! Go on into the bushes and do your business.
  • for the love of pete: 'for the love of Pete' or 'God' are exclamations of surprise
  • to do your business: a polite way to say to go pee or shit
No, stop! That tickles.
  • to tickle: to touch or poke so as to cause a tingling feeling or laughter.
Beat it! Vamoose! Scram!
  • to beat it: to go away
  • to vamoose: to go away (in Spanish)
  • to scram: to go away
I am a great tracker.
  • tracker: someone or animal that can follow something by a sense of sight or smell
Find the scent, my compadres, and you too shall have much rewardings from Master for the toil factor you wage.
  • compadres: good friends (Spanish)
  • toil: long or difficult work.
  • to wage: to carry on or engage in (a war, conflict, or campaign).
Mayhaps you desire to challenge the ranking that I have been assigned by my strength and cunning.
  • mayhaps: misconstruction of mayhap after maybe and perhaps.
You might wanna ask him.
  • wanna = want to (poor english)
His fool's errand will keep him most occupied. Most occupied indeed.
  • fool's errand: a task that cannot be accomplished it is a joke because it is impossible to finish
Don't wanna wake up the traveling flea circus.
  • 'traveling flea circus' = referring to a 'dog' which can move and sometimes has flea's
Cross your heart?
  • to cross your heart: to ask if someone is telling the truth
Maybe Russell won't notice.
  • to notice: to see or observe
That is the darnedest thing I've ever seen.
  • darnedest: an old term that means the most unexpected (and amusing or interesting)
I'd be happy to oblige.
  • to oblige: to do a kind act or service.
These people are no longer intruders!
  • intruders: someone who enters when not invited or welcome.
He and I fell into a habit of playing gin rummy in the evenings, and did he cheat!
  • to fall into a habit: to create a habit without knowing or being aware
  • gin rummy: (gin for short) is a simple and popular two-player card game
So, how are things stateside?
  • stateside: in the United States
I'd hate to impose.
  • to impose: to make demands or rules
  • to hate to impose: to be sorry for making demands without asking
They called me a fraud, those...
  • fraud: a person who uses tricks or lies to get something;
I've tried to smoke it out of that deathly labyrinth where it lives.
  • to smoke it out: to use smoke to cause some animal to come out of hiding
  • labyrinth: a difficult complicated network of pathways or passageways
And here they come, these bandits, and think the bird is theirs to take.
  • bandit: a robber who robs people while they are traveling.
Epsilon here makes a delicious cherries jubilee.
  • cherries jubilee: a dessert made of vanilla ice cream topped with a sauce of black cherries and served on fire with brandy.
I always get chocolate and he gets butter brickle.
  • butter brickle: toffee ice cream flavoring
Then we sit on this one curb right outside,
  • curb:the border or edge of a street, usually made of concrete and raised higher than the road.
Wait up, you overgrown chicken.
  • overgrown: larger than normal
I'll unleash all my Wilderness Explorer training!
  • to unleash: turn loose or free from restraint
Don't jerk around so much, kid!
  • to jerk: to pull or twist suddenly; yank

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