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MV: The Proposal

2009 - The Proposal

For three years, Andrew Paxton has slaved as the assistant to Margaret Tate, hard-driving editor at a New York publisher. When Margaret, a Canadian, faces deportation for an expired visa, she hatches a scheme to marry Andrew - he agrees if she'll promise a promotion. A skeptical INS agent vows to test the couple about each other the next Monday. Andrew had plans to fly home that weekend for his grandma's 90th, so Margaret goes with him - to Sitka, Alaska - where mom, dad, and grams await. Family dynamics take over: tensions between dad and Andrew, an ex-girlfriend, Andrew's dislike of Margaret, and her past color the next few days, with the INS ready to charge Andrew with fraud.

Words and their sentences:

Here you go. Your regular lattes.
  • latte: very strong coffee with a lot of steamed milk in it
Literally saved my life.
  • literally: exactly
Hey. Don't watch CSI: Indianapolis tonight.
  • CSI: Indianapolis: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as CSI) is an American crime drama television series in cities Las Vegas, Miami and New York (not Indianapolis)
Frank, the truth is all A-plus novelists do publicity.
  • publicity: information given out through the media that gets the attention of the public.
Frank. Can I tell you what else they have in common? A Pulitzer.
  • Pulitzer: annual prize awarded for outstanding journalists, authors, playwrights, and composers.
Yankees, Boston, this Tuesday, 2 company seats for your shirt.
  • company seats: season tickets bought by a company for company functions and visitors
I told her that if she doesn't get her manuscript in on time you won't give her a release date.
  • manuscript: writing prepared by the author before it becomes a printed article or book
  • release date: date in which a book will be on sale in shops
He said it's imperative...
  • imperative: very important; urgent.
Cancel the call, push the meeting to tomorrow and keep the lawyer on the sheets.
  • push (the meeting): move (the meeting) time to a later time
Oh, and get a hold of PR, have them start drafting a press release.
  • PR: Public Relations Department
Is that a coincidence?
  • coincidence: the chance happening of two events at the same time.
That would be pathetic.
  • pathetic: miserably ineffective or inadequate.
Now remember, you're just a prop in here.
  • prop: a person who is to be seen but not participate
Ah. Our fearless leader and her liege.
  • liege: old word meaning a person in service to a lord or lady.
Oh. Beautiful breakfront. Is it new?
  • breakfront: A piece of furniture, such as a cabinet or a bookcase, with a central section that projects beyond the sections to either side
  • witty: showing or characterized by clever humor.
Well that is interesting, because I just got off the phone with him, and he is in.
  • 'he is in': meaning someone is in agreement to join a venture
And then you can tell everyone you resigned, OK?
  • resigned: to officially leave a job or position.
You poisonous bitch.
  • bitch: a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked
Sandbagging me on this Oprah thing just so that you can look good to the board?
  • sandbagging: someone who underperforms (usually deliberately) in an event
Just because you have no semblance of a life outside of this office...
  • semblance: outward form; appearance.
Because you know what you're gonna have on your deathbed?
  • deathbed: the final hours of life.
I fired you because you're lazy, entitled, incompetent and you spend more time cheating on your wife than you do in your office.
  • entitled: to someone's belief that one is deserving of some particular reward or benefit.
  • incompetent: lacking necessary knowledge or skills.
  • cheating on: to be sexually unfaithful or untrue
Another word and you're going out of here with an armed escort.
  • escort: a person accompanying someone so as to protect, guard, guide, or show courtesy.
You're actually saving me from a weekend of misery anyway, so it's good talk, yeah.
  • misery: great unhappiness; extreme emotional distress
Listen, I've worked too hard for this promotion to throw it all away, OK?
  • to throw it all away: to give up everything done on a particular thing
I'm sure that Dad is pissed...
  • pissed: angry
Yes, I did. We were going to lose DeLillo to Viking.
  • DeLillo: Don DeLillo is an American author, playwright and occasional essayist
  • Viking: Viking Press is an American publishing company
I told her you were otherwise engaged.
  • otherwise engaged: to be unable to do something because you have already arranged to do something else
I understand the predicament that we are in.
  • predicament: a difficult or dangerous situation with no obvious or satisfactory solution.
But, wouldn't be the first time one of us fell for our secretaries.
  • to fall for: to fall in love with
So we can work this whole mess out. Right?
  • to work out: to solve by making special efforts.
But don't worry, after the required allotment of time, we'll get a quickie divorce and you'll be done with me.
  • allotment: part of an amount of something that is given to someone, especially time
  • quickie divorce: a divorce done as quickly as possible
  • to be done with: to have finished dealing with something, so that you do not have to think about it any more
But until then, like it or not, your wagon is hitched to mine. OK?
  • your wagon is hitched to mine: meaning "your future is dependent on my future"
Are you both committing fraud to avoid her deportation...
  • fraud: the use of lies or tricks to cheat or take advantage that is often against the law.
Bob is nothing but a disgruntled former employee.
  • disgruntled: disappointed and annoyed about something
Gammy's 90th birthday, and the whole family's coming together.
  • Gammy: grandmother
Sitka, Alaska
  • Sitka: 4th largest city in the US state of Alaska, located on the west side of Baranof Island
We will pretend like we're boyfriend and girlfriend, tell your parents we're engaged.
  • pretend: to behave in a way because you want someone to believe that something is true when it is not
I guess I will pop for you to fly first class.
  • to pop for: meaning to pay for
But make sure you use the miles.
  • miles: a system where people who often travel by air can get airline tickets free or at a reduced price depending on the miles traveled
Oh, and please confirm the vegan meal, OK?
  • confirm: to prove that something is true
  • vegan: does not contain anything made from animals or fish, eggs, milk, and cheese
Genius. Genius.
  • genius: used for telling someone that you are very impressed with something that they have just done or said
He completely fell for it.
  • to fall for it: to believe something that was presented as true.
It really has been a little slice of heaven.
  • slice of heaven: a piece of great happiness
Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?
  • please with cherries on top: an extra extra wish for someone to do something.
OK. I don't appreciate the sarcasm, but I'll do it.
  • sarcasm: saying the opposite of what you mean with an angry or disgusted tone of voice
So, these are the questions that INS is gonna ask us.
  • INS: Immigration and Naturalization Service
And the full spectrum of human emotion.
  • full spectrum: meaning 'all' of something
Tribal ink?
  • tribal ink: tribal tatoo
Because I live at Central Park West.
  • Central Park West: street in NYC with expensive hotels and apartments
And you probably live at some squalid little studio apartment...
  • squalid: dirty and unpleasant
  • studio apartment: a small apartment that has only one main room
We are beginning our descent into Juneau.
  • descent: moving down to a lower place or position
  • Juneau: state capital of Alaska, population 31,000
  • whoa: stop
You're suffocating him, Grace.
  • suffocating: not allowing someone to breath
Now, do you prefer being called Margaret or Satan's Mistress?
  • Satan: another name for the devil, meaning evil
She's one of those... she's a feminist.
  • feminist: someone who women don't need a man's help
Come on, sweetie.
  • sweetie: used for talking to someone who you like or love
You see the shoes that broad was wearing?
  • broad: an insulting word for a woman
This is the last of 'em.
  • 'em: short for 'them'
Is that a crime?
  • crime: wrong (slang)
Put your back into it.
  • to put your back into it: to try harder
Why didn't you tell me you were some kind of Alaskan Kennedy?
  • Kennedy: Kennedy family was a wealthy and was prominent in American politics and government
OK, know what? Timeout, OK?
  • timeout: break in the discussion or argument
This bickering Bickerson thing has got to stop.
  • bickering: to argue about things that are not important
I can pretend to be the doting fiance.
  • doting: to love someone very much, often so much that you do not notice their faults
  • huh: what?
That's a hell of a first impression, Dad.
  • impression: opinions that you form immediately, before thinking thoroughly
  • hell of a: used for emphasizing what you are saying
Can we wait 2 seconds before we throw the kitchen sink at each other?
  • to throw the kitchen sink: meaning to argue almost the most intensely
Just never figured you for a guy who slept his way to the middle.
  • to sleep your way: to get a promotion by having sex with the boss or supervisor
She's your meal ticket, and you brought her home to meet your mother.
  • meal ticket: a person or thing that is used as a source of regular income
Would you care for some hors d'oeuvres?
  • hors d'oeuvres: a small dish of food
Come on down here, pumpkin.
  • pumpkin: name of endearment
Brilliant timing.
  • brilliant timing: usually said when something was said or done at completely the wrong time
Oh. How a man proposes says a lot about his character.
  • character: personality
'Cause I think we should just sit in rapture.
  • 'cause: short for 'because'
  • rapture: (бахдал) feeling of intense pleasure or joy
So I started leaving him little hints here and there...
  • hints: a small pieces of indirect information
...because I knew he wouldn't have the guts to ask, but...
  • to have the guts: to have the courage
This woman's about as subtle as a gun.
  • subtle: not obvious, and therefore difficult to notice
Oh. The decoupage box that he made...
  • decoupage: decoration of the surface of an object with cut out paper then varnished
...and out fluttered these tiny, little hand-cut heart confettis.
  • to flutter: to move like birds in flight
  • confettis: small pieces of colored paper thrown during a celebration such as a wedding.
Real Humphrey Bogart-type stuff.
  • Humphrey Bogart: (1899–1957), U.S. actor who often played sophisticated characters
  • masculine: man-like qualities
That is quite a story.
  • quite: used before a noun for emphasizing that something is unusual or interesting
Wow. Exquisite bed. Exquisite.
  • exquisite: extremely beautiful
Oh, sweetie, we're not under any illusions that you two don't sleep in the same bed.
  • to be under any illusions: to not know the truth of reality
Oh, great, 'cause we love to snuggle.
  • snuggle: settle into a warm comfortable position, especially with another person
We just rescued him from the pound, and he's still in training. Sorry.
  • to rescue: to save something from death or injury
  • the pound: short for 'dog pound', a place where lost animals are taken and kept for a short time but that are killed if no one comes to claim them.
Just be sure you don't let him outside, or the eagles will snatch him.
  • to snatch: to quickly grab something, especially from someone else's hands
She's just pulling your leg, isn't she?
  • to pull [someone's] leg: to fool [someone] by not telling the truth
We'd better turn in.
  • to turn in: to go to sleep
Looks like I won't be getting much sleep with the sun streaming in.
  • to stream in: to flow into something with great force
I pressured you into doing Oprah, but...
  • to pressure [someone]: to verbally force someone to do something they don't want to do
I think it would be a mistake to back out.
  • to back out: to change one's mind about an agreement or commitment
And I think that we should all be privy to.
  • to be privy to: to know [something] private or secret
Oh, oh. Oh, oh. OK. OK, gotcha.
  • gotcha: meaning "I've got it" or "I've got you."
I don't want to sell you on anything, but this is your legacy, this book.
  • legacy: something of value left behind after leaving a position or after death
Come on. Hug time.
  • to hug: (тэврэх) to squeeze [someone] tightly in one's arms to show affection
I will cut your balls off in your sleep. OK?
  • balls: (slang) man's testicles
We clear on that?
  • We clear on that?: Do you understand?
They dissolve in water.
  • dissolve: to become part of the water
Anyway, she, uh... is a little peeved.
  • peeved: annoyed, irritated
I think I've been more than understanding about your goofing off in New York.
  • to goof off: to be lazy or do less than their fair share of work
OK, pluck my eyes out. OK.
  • to pluck [something] out: to take hold of [something] and quickly remove it from its place
...and said he wanted to elope...
  • to elope: run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent
Well, cheers to you guys.
  • cheers: expressing good wishes
Why is Andrew out there hollowing out that old stupid canoe again?
  • to hollow out: to remove material from something to create an open space
  • canoe: small narrow boat with pointed ends that moves by using a paddle
I just had a frank conversation with him about his future.
  • frank: honest and truthful, many times about a subject that is difficult to talk about
I like the Psychic Network.
  • Psychic Network: channel where all the programming is concerned with psychics - people who claim to have special psychic powers like seeing the future, talking with the dead, knowing the truth
I think Brian Dennehy is sexy.
  • Brian Dennehy: an actor who is rough and overweight
They're swallows.
  • swallow: swift-flying songbird with forked tail & long pointed wings, feeds on insects in flight
Just processing.
  • to process: to understand
Just spoon me, spoon me...
  • to spoon [someone]: to lie close together sideways, front-to-back with knees bent
Cinnamon rolls.
  • cinnamon rolls: bread rolled with cinnamon (шанц) and butter put between layers, usually served with brown sugar or icing on top
OK, you just have to focus, Margaret. Just focus.
  • to focus: to concentrate on a specific activity or action
This is a business deal.
  • deal: two people make an agreement about something they both profit from
You're a freak.
  • freak: a person considered to be strange because of unusual behavior
Oh, sorry. I'm a bit chesty to begin with and I happened to be knocked up when I wore this.
  • chesty: to have large breasts
  • to be knocked up: to be pregnant
Oh, let's see if we can find your boobs.
  • boobs: (slang) breasts
Maybe they shrunk up in the cold Alaskan air.
  • to shrink up: to become smaller, to contract to a smaller size
They were quite a scandal, you know.
  • scandal: an event where someone does something that shocks (to feel surprised & upset) people
You're not screwing it up.
  • to screw [something] up: to cause [something] to fail or go wrong
...admitting this marriage is a sham...
  • sham: false, not true
So I blackmailed him to come up here and to lie to you.
  • to blackmail [someone]: to make [someone] do something by using threats
  • threat: statement of intention to do harm
Turns out it's not easy to ruin someone's life...
  • to ruin: to destroy completely
You'll never see eye to eye.
  • to see eye to eye: to agree, to have the same opinion
I heard about your lady bailin'.
  • to bail: to escape from a situation someone doesn't want to be in anymore
Why are, why are you panting?
  • panting: breathing quickly with noisy breaths
3 days ago, I loathed you.
  • to loathe [someone]: to dislike [someone] intensely
I'm gonna take you down.
  • to take [someone] down: to defeat [someone]

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