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MV: Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

In the sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, and in both wizard and muggle worlds Lord Voldemort and his henchmen are increasingly active. With vacancies to fill at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore persuades Horace Slughorn, back from retirement to become the potions teacher, while Professor Snape receives long awaited news. Harry Potter, together with Dumbledore, must face treacherous tasks to defeat his evil nemesis.

Words and Phrases:

... into the cause of the Millennium Bridge disaster
  • Millennium Bridge: footbridge steel suspension bridge crossing the River Thames, London
  • disaster: something very bad that happens and causes a lot of damage or kills a lot of people
Traffic has been halted as police search for survivors.
  • to halt: to stop moving, or to stop a person or vehicle from moving
  • survivors: someone that still exists after an event that could have killed
Bit of a tosser, really
  • tosser: a stupid or annoying man
Couple nights ago, I could've sworn I saw a picture move
  • "I could've sworn...": very sure that something happened but maybe it didn't
Thought I was going around the twist.
  • "...going around the twist.": to become crazy
You've been reckless this summer, Harry
  • reckless: not thinking about the possible bad effects of your actions
Takes my mind off things
  • to take [someone's] mind off [something]: to make you stop thinking or worrying about something
Rather unpleasant to behold, isn't it?
  • behold: to see
The tale is thrilling, if I say so myself
  • thrilling: exciting
Welcome to the charming village of Budleigh Babberton
  • charming: very attractive and pleasant
Actually, sir, after all these years, I just sort of go with it.
  • to just go with it: to accept events as they happen without worrying
Wands out, Harry
  • wand: a thin stick that is used for doing magic
No need to disfigure me, Albus
  • to disfigure: to spoil the appearance of someone or something, to damage
It's all in the upholstery, I come by the stuffing naturally.
  • upholstery: cloth or leather that is used for covering chairs and sofas
  • stuffing: soft material that is used for filling something such as a toy or a seat
Harry, I'd like you to meet an old friend and colleague of mine...
  • colleague: someone who works in the same organization or department
What's with all the theatrics, Horace?
  • theatrics: ways of behaving or of doing something that are intended to make people notice you instead of to achieve a particular aim
All right, the Death Eaters have been trying to recruit me for over a year.
  • to recruit: o get someone to work in a company or join an organization
Well, I think we should put it back in order for them, don't you?
  • to put [something] back in order: to reorganize [something] that has been unorganized
Do you mind if I use the loo?
  • loo: {British} bathroom, toilet, wash room
Absolutely and unequivocally, no
  • unequivocally: clearly, definitely, and without doubt
She was exceedingly bright, your mother.
  • exceedingly: extremely
  • bright: smart, intelligent
Please don't think I'm prejudiced.
  • prejudiced: to have an unreasonable opinion or feeling about someone or something
Always takes my owl, should I wish to register an opinion on the news of the day.
  • register: to make your opinion known publicly or officially
I do love knitting patterns
  • knitting patterns: knitting instructions to make specific styles of clothing, etc.
I think I know a lost cause when I see one, regrettable.
  • lost cause: someone or something that will never succeed or improve
  • regrettable: to feel sad or sorry because something happened that you wish hadn't

I would have considered it a personal triumph had you consented to return

  • personal triumph: personally proud or excited that you get when you have been successful
  • consented: to say yes to something

You're like my friend Mr. Potter here, one of a kind

  • to be one of a kind: to be unique

But I want Professor Merrythought's old office, not the water closet I had before.

  • water closet: {British} bathroom, toilet.

You would be his crowning jewel

  • crowning jewel: the best or most valuable thing that someone owns or has achieved

He's wandering about the house.

  • to wander: to travel from place to place without a particular direction or purpose

What a lovely surprise

  • lovely surprise: a very good surprise

Mum sort of lost it last week.

  • to sort: slightly, or in some ways
  • lose it: to suddenly become unable to behave or think in a sensible way

Anyway, Dad stepped in, told her she was being barmy...

  • to step in: to become involved in a discussion or argument, especially to make it stop
  • barmy: {British} crazy or silly

...and it took a few days, but she came around

  • to come around: to change your opinion because someone has persuaded you to agree


  • Rubbish!: things that someone says or writes that are not reasonable or sensible

Run along, Wormtail

  • to run along: used for telling children to go away

I've played my part well

  • to play a part well: to be involved in something, especially in a way that is important

It's just empty words

  • empty words: things that are said will be done but are not done

But when it matters most he'll just slither back into his hole

  • to slither: to slide like a snake

And if Draco should fail will you yourself carry out the deed the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?

  • to carry out: to do something that you have said you will do or that you have been told to do
  • deed: something that someone does

Into the cauldron, handsome.

  • cauldron/caldron: a large round metal container used for cooking over a fire
  • handsome: endearing name for a man, also 'good looking'

It's none of your business.

  • none of [someone's] business: to tell someone rudely that you are not going to tell them about something because it does not affect or involve them

Fred reckons people need a laugh these days

  • to reckon: to believe that something is true

So, what was Draco doing with that weird-looking cabinet?

  • weird: strange, not normal

It's a creepy shop, He's a creepy bloke

  • creepy: unpleasant in a way that makes you feel nervous or frightened
  • bloke: a guy, man

Don't worry, when we get to Hogwarts, we'll sort it out.

  • to sort [something] out: to find out information that allows you to understand something

Relax, boys, It's probably just a first-year messing around

  • to mess around: to behave in a silly way, playing a joke on someone

I'd pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower...

  • to pitch [something/someone] off: to throw off, to commit suicide

Amused, Blaise?

  • to be amused: entertained or interested by something

Didn't Mummy ever tell you it was rude to eavesdrop, Potter?

  • to eavesdrop: to listen to other people’s conversation without them knowing that you are listening

...she was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin

  • drool: uncontrolled saliva from the mouth

Could be construed as an offensive weapon

  • to be construed: to understand the meaning of something in a particular way
  • offensive weapon: a weapon used to attack (not defend)

I can vouch for Mr. Malfoy

  • to vouch: to say that you believe that someone is good and will behave well in future

Personally, I think you look a bit more devil-may-care this way...

  • devil-may-care: relaxed and happy, maybe taking risks and not worry about the future

Professor Slughorn, I'm happy to say has agreed to resume his old post as Potions Master

  • to resume: to start again after stopping for a time

...I'm reminded of a sobering fact

  • sobering: making you think about things in a serious way

..dark forces attempt to penetrate this castle's walls

  • dark forces: evil people
  • to penetrate: to force into [something]

Now, off to bed. Pip-pip

  • Now, off to bed: to go to bed/bedroom
  • Pip-pip: {British} used to express farewell

That is the girls' lavatory

  • lavatory: bathroom, washroom

Well, I'll head there straightaway

  • to head there straightaway: to go somewhere quickly without delay

Attention to detail in the preparation is the prerequisite of all planning

  • prerequisite: required before

But I'm dead awful at Potions, a menace, actually

  • dead awful: completely terrible
  • menace: someone or something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm

Nonsense, we'll sort you out

  • nonsense: not true

I prepared some concoctions this morning

  • concoction: an unusual drink or meal that is made by mixing things in a new way

It's a truth-telling serum

  • serum: a liquid that is put into someone’s blood to help them to fight an infection or a poison
  • And that would be Polyjuice Potion
  • potion: a drink that is believed to be magic, poisonous, or useful as a medicine

It's terribly tricky to make

  • to be tricky to make: to be difficult or complicated to make

One tiny vial of liquid luck to the student who, in the hour that remains...

  • vial: small round glass container for very small amounts of liquid

...manages to brew an acceptable Draught of Living Death...

  • to brew: process to make beer

But enough chitchat

  • chitchat: small talk, talking about things not important

You must be wondering why I summoned you here tonight

  • to summon: to ask or order someone to come to you

This morning, I'm gonna be putting you all through a few drills...

  • to be putting [someone/something] through: to test someone or something in order to make sure everything is working correctly

..just to assess your strengths

  • to assess: to judge and come to a conclusion

Shut it!

  • Shut it!: Shut up! Shut your mouth! Be quiet!

Really? Strapping guy like you?

  • strapping guy: big, strong guy

Wouldn't mind getting on a first-name basis, know what I mean?

  • first-name basis: know someone well enough to call them by their first name, usually in a romantic way

He's vile

  • vile: extremely unpleasant

And if you had a shred of self-respect, you'd hand that book in.

  • shred: a very small amount of something

The binding is fragile.

  • binding: the edge of a book where all the pages are joined together
  • fragile: easily broken

There we go, that settles it, then

  • that settles it: used for saying that you have made a decision because you have enough information, or because you do not want an annoying or unpleasant situation to continue

A chum of mine was sledging down Claxby Hill

  • chum: {British} friend
  • sledging: to ride on a sled

Slick git

  • slick: clever and good at persuading people but probably not honest or sincere
  • git: an insulting word for a stupid or annoying person

And snogging

  • to snog: {British} to kiss and hold each other for a period of time

All hands on deck, Granger

  • all hands on deck: get ready, pay attention

...I used to throw together the occasional supper party...

  • to throw together: to quickly organize something but with little thought or effort

I'd be delighted, sir. Splendidl

  • delighted: very happy
  • splendid: very good, excellent

What are you playing at?

  • to be playing at [something]: to do something without being very serious about it

I know Katie. Off the pitch, she wouldn't hurt a fly

  • off the pitch: off the playing field

That is a very serious accusation, Potter

  • accusation: a claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong

Your evidence?

  • evidence: facts or physical signs that help to prove something

You astonish with your gifts, Potter

  • to astonish: to surprise someone very much
  • your gifts: your talents

Gifts mere mortals can only dream of possessing

  • mortals: human beings
  • "can only dream": to think of something that couldn't happen

Yeah, well, he was running his hands all over my sister, wasn't he?

  • to run [someone's] hands all over: to touch someone everywhere in a sexual way

Well, no, I mean, I'm just saying it could be a contributing factor

  • contributing factor: one of the things that help to make something happen

Him and Dad don't get on. Probably because me dad says potions are rubbish

  • to get on: to be friendly
  • rubbish: trash, something of no value

Says the only potion worth having is a stiff one at the end of the day

  • stiff one: a small glass of strong liqueur

They tend to people's teeth

  • to tend: take care of

I was just admiring your hourglass

  • hourglass: a glass container that uses sand to measure one hour

A most intriguing object

  • intriguing: very interesting, especially because of being strange or mysterious

The sand runs in accordance with the quality of the conversation

  • accordance: in a way that follows a rule, system, or someone’s wishes

If it is stimulating, the sand runs slowly

  • stimulating: making you feel interested

When I first met Mr. Riddle, he was a quiet albeit brilliant,

  • albeit: used for introducing a comment that slightly changes or reduces the effect of what you said before it

I'm counting on you, Ron

  • to count on [someone]: to depend on [someone]

I'm resigning, After today's match,

  • to resign: to officially quit

McLaggen can have my spot

  • to have [someone's] spot: to have [someone's] position or job

You look dreadful, Ron

  • dreadful: very unpleasant

if she's got her knickers in a twist

  • to get [someone's] knickers in a twist: {British} to get angry, annoyed, or upset

Point is, I'm a free agent

  • to be a free agent: a person not in a relationship with another person romantically

That's Romilda Vane. Apparently she's trying to smuggle you a love potion

  • to smuggle: to take someone or something into or out of a place against the rules

Okay, sorry, Um, kidding

  • kidding: joking, not telling the truth in a humorous way

I sleepwalk, you see.

  • to sleepwalk: to walk while sleeping

I mean, left Cormac under the mistletoe

  • mistletoe: small bushy plant that is hung up at holidays and anyone under it gets a kiss

I thought it would annoy Ron the most

  • to annoy: to make someone feel slightly angry or impatient

He's got more tentacles than a Snarfalump plant

  • tentacles: arms of an octopus with sticky suction cups for grabbing

I think she just went to powder her nose

  • to powder [someone's] nose: to use the toilet (women) or to reapply makeup.

Slippery little minx, your friend

  • minx: a young woman who is good at persuading men to do what she wants

You've just bought yourself a month's detention, McLaggen

  • detention: a punishment where they have to stay at school after the others have gone home

I just discovered this boy lurking in an upstairs corridor

  • to lurk: to wait, sometimes hiding, in order to frighten, annoy, or attack someone

Okay, okay. I was gatecrashing, Happy?

  • to gatecrash: to come to a party uninvited

You attempt to conceal it, but it's obvious, let me assist you

  • to conceal: to hide

I'd worked that much out for myself, funnily enough

  • to work that much out: to solve a problem by considering the facts

I'll take your word for it

  • to take [someone's] word for it: to believe someone without proof

You're blinded by hatred

  • to be blinded: to be unable to see reality

We place our trust in a handful of people

  • handful: a few

Tricky contraptions though, very temperamental

  • contraptions: a machine or piece of equipment that looks strange or complicated
  • temperamental: something that often goes wrong or does not work in the way that you expect

Now I want you to persuade him to divulge his true memory...

  • to divulge: to give information about something, especially something that should be kept secret

He and I don't exactly see eye to eye, sir

  • to see eye to eye: to agree with someone, or to have the same opinion as them

Myself, I always strive to live within the light

  • to strive: to make a lot of effort to achieve something


  • divine/heavenly: extremely good or pleasant

I'd have thought you could whip up a remedy for this in no time, Harry

  • to whip up: to make/create [something] quickly

Oh, not at all, All water under the bridge, you know? Correct?

  • All water under the bridge: used for saying that you should stop thinking about something bad that happened in the past and you should forgive people who did bad things

There you are, old boy, Bottoms up

  • bottoms up: to drink until the glass is empty

You need a pick-me-up

  • pick-me-up: something to give you more energy

I was completely boggled, wasn't I?

  • to be boggled: to be so surprised or shocked that you are unable to believe something

My own interests are purely academic, of course

  • purely academic: irrelevant to real life and of no real consequence.

Personally, these plants always kind of freaked me out

  • to be freaked out: become so angry, surprised, excited, or frightened that you cannot control yourself

Surely you realize I can't allow you to go roaming the grounds by yourself

  • to go roaming: to move or travel with no particular purpose

That would be counterproductive, sir

  • counterproductive: having a result that is the opposite of the one you intended

They unnerve some folk

  • to unnerve: to make nervous

Not to mention the pincers

  • pincers: a large strong part on some insects and shellfish that moves like scissors, used for holding things and attacking enemies

Always have a ampoule or two about my person for just such occasions as this

  • ampoule: very small glass container for holding chemicals or drugs

And your human friends find solace in the loss they have sustained

  • solace: something that makes you feel better when you are sad or upset
  • to have sustained: to experience loss, injury, damage, etc.


  • poof: used for saying that something happened suddenly, or that someone or something disappeared suddenly

Wondrous to behold

  • wondrous to behold: wonderful to see

Because she refused to step aside

  • to step aside: to leave an official position or job, especially so that someone else can take your place

Has it ever crossed your brilliant mind that I don't want to do this anymore?

  • to cross [someone's] mind: to think of something but often not for very long or very seriously

Whether it has or hasn't is irrelevant

  • irrelevant: not important or not relevant to what you are discussing or doing

Forgive my mawkishness, Harry

  • mawkishness: emotional in a silly and embarrassing way

You are not to indulge these requests

  • to indulge: to do something

Go to your houses, No dawdling

  • to dawdle: to go somewhere, or to do something, so slowly that people become annoyed with you

Whatever happens, it's imperative you stay below

  • imperative: extremely important and urgent

He doesn't have the stomach, just like his father

  • to have the stomach: to have enough determination to do something unpleasant or dangerous

But sometimes, you can be really thick

  • to be thick: to be stupid

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