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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrating the English Dept History 2007

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

May 2007

One of FPMT Mongolia's social services is providing quality and professional English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, enabling FPMT Mongolia to fulfill His Holiness the Dalai Lama's and Lama Zopa Rinpoche's wishes to "work with young lay people" and help the community in general.

The ESL classes do not directly involve lessons in Buddhism. However, we offer a supportive and professional educational environment that reflects universal principals such as patience, non-discrimination, environmental awareness, contemporary social-economic issues and compassion for all living beings. Therefore, the ESL Program is open to and warmly welcomes all Mongolian residents of any age, social-economic position and confession.

Our full-time staff includes two Mongolian senior teachers who each hold a masters degree, teaching credentials, a minimum of ten years experience in language instruction and experience in writing and managing programs. The ESL Program and the teachers are under the direction fo the Shedrup Ling Center Director.

The ESL Program is a four-year standardized course of study based on the Cambridge First Certificate. Therefore, a complete beginner can approximate the level of the Cambridge First Certificate within four years of full-time study. Each course is divided into two-sublevels (Level 1 and Level 2). After successfully completing each level, students receive certificates which they can use when applying for work or study.

Lastly, thanks to the kind donors who brough and sent books from abroad, we have a collection of English Lnaguage learning books for leisure or study. These books are to be used in the Cafe only. The library is open to the general public.

Thanks for your help.

Enrollment Day

English teacher Katya with her students

English teacher Tsetsgee (2003)

English teacher Carol (2004)

Carol, English Dept Head is making a speech
to all the students and guests (2004)

Teacher Tsetsgee, Special Guest teacher Robert Nurden from England,
former FPMT Director Carol Beairsto and English teacher Baigalmaa (2006)

English students with their teacher, Tsetsgee

The students like to celebrate their graduation after each cycle (P2B)

FPMT Director Ueli Minder, Shedrup Ling Center Director G. Gunjiimaa
giving out certificates to the best students

The Mongolian director Gunjiimaa awards the "Silver Certificate"
for top attendance. (I1)

Level P1 students performing a small play

Sisters playing a song together on the piano

Students sing "A Bigger Heart" that they learned in their English class

The youngest student of FPMT recites a short poem in English

B2 level students perform the play "The Little Read Hen"

Students take their bows after the performance

Role playing "On the Phone"

Role playing "In the Restaurant"

Different examples of homework made by the students

Different examples of homework made by the students

Examples of the students' projects

Examples of the students' projects

In classroom 'London'

In classroom 'Ottawa'

In the cafe

May 2007

Our four course-two level program is designed for Mongolians who are learning English for a number of practical, cultural, and academic purposes. The course teaches British English and illustrates other varieties as well. Each course can be completed within one academic year. For example: Beginner Level 1 and Beginner Level 2.

There are three semesters a year: autumn, winter and spring semesters. Every semester between 150 and 200 students study in this course. In a year, between 400 and 500 students study at this school and graduate from the courses.

Our program includes the following things:

Tests and examinations
 Academic Year
 Starting Dates
 FPMT-Mongolia ESL Certificate

The FPMT-Mongolia ESL Program provides a Graduating Certificate to successful students, certifying that they have fullfilled the following requirements:
  • successful and satisfactorily completed take-home assignments
  • adequately prepared for and participated well in class and group activities
  • attended more than 90% of the classes
  • successfully passed the final examination with 65%
Students receive 2 types of Certificates:
  • Certificate of Attendance Level 1
  • Certificate of Completion Level 2
Additional Certificates
  • Silver Certificate of Attendance (100% attendance)
  • Gold Certificate (awarded to the student with the highest level of academic achievement)